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    Situated in Isparta Province and around, Eğirdir is one of Türkiye’s 18 members of Cittaslow International. The variety of colors during the day and at sunset, the lake's unique landscape, and the peaceful ambiance make Eğirdir a unique destination.

    Lake Eğirdir is the fourth largest lake in Türkiye with a surface area of 517 square meters. It is known for its clear beaches, which take on a different color each season, and is surrounded by apple and peach orchards.

    Eğirdir is the capital of the Turkish Lake Region. Visitors can choose from many outdoor activities that are available here such as bird observation, endemic plant observation, photo safaris, hiking and trekking, orienteering, mountaineering, jeep safaris, paragliding, water sports, and camping.


    Yalvaç sits in the western part of Türkiye’s Mediterranean region, in the northern part of the Turkish Lake Region. Situated in the province of Isparta, at a high altitude, it is a quiet, charming, and historical district with about 50,000 inhabitants.

    Yalvaç is a historical district that was established about 1 km northeast of the ancient city of Antioch (or Antiochia) in Pisidia, one of the most important centers of antiquity and the capital of the Roman province of Pisidia.

    According to legend, it was founded by one of the dynasties of the Hellenistic period, although the history of the region of Pisidia as a whole date back to the Paleolithic age. It later came under Roman rule and during the reign of Emperor Augustus, the city became an important colony and was given the title of “Colonia Caesarea.” One of the three surviving copies of The Deeds of the Divine Augustus was found in Antioch.

    Paul the Apostle, who founded several Christian communities in Asia Minor and Europe, and Barnabas visited Antioch in Pisidia, and Paul gave his first famous sermon at the city’s synagogue. Today, the ruins of Byzantine church claim to mark the place where the synagogue once stood.

    One of the most famous places in Yalvaç is the historic “Çınaraltı,” which means “under the plane tree.” The historic tree, located in the district's center, was planted in the 13th century and since 1992, it is registered as a natural monument by the Ministry of Cultur and Tourism.


    Finike, despite its small size, is a popular destination in the Mediterranean due to its history, natural beauty, and gastronomic culture. In antiquity, the district was known as Phoenicus (Phoinikos) and is said to have been founded by the Phoenicians around 500 BC. For years, Finike was a harbour from which Limyra, Lycia's capital, exported agricultural products. Many historical buildings and old cities can be found in the area, home to many civilisations throughout history. For example, the Ancient City of Limyra and the Ancient City of Arykanda are the areas where you can learn more about Finike's history.

    Finike is a one-of-a-kind resort because of its natural beauty, scenic bays, and beaches. Finike has everything a nature lover could want: Gökbük Canyon, which offers a variety of activities, particularly trekking, and Suluin Cave, which draws attention with its stalactites, travertines, and pools of varying sizes; and Andrea Doria Bay, which is home to the famous Mediterranean seals. Gökliman Bay is one of Finike's most famous natural beauties, offering options for various activities such as picnics and camping.

    Finike's cuisine culture offers its guests exceptional gourmet experiences. This small city has restaurants where you can eat fresh Mediterranean fish made with local recipes and enjoy beautiful views. One of the delicacies that must be consumed during a visit to Finike is the Finike orange, which is famous worldwide for its aroma and flavour.

    Finike, the historic district in Antalya, is now recognised by the International Cittaslow Association for its natural beauty, distinctive cuisine, and leisurely pace of life. With Finike joining the network, Türkiye now has 22 slow cities and districts registered with the International Cittaslow Association.