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  • Cittaslow Cities GoTürkiye

    Tranquility in nature and silence in historical surroundings! Türkiye, the meeting point of different civilizations and unique natural beauty, has 18 Cittaslow towns in seven regions. Towns with historical character, settlements on high altitude plateaus, stone houses on narrow streets near the seacoast all of them await you to get away from the crowds and to relax in serenity!

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    cittaslow cities Marmara


    One from Anatolia, one from Thrace! In addition to being the most crowded region of Türkiye, Marmara Region offers two small cittaslow’s, with many historical richness and natural beauties!

    cittaslow cities Aegean


    Imagine the quiet towns situated between the lush mountains and the turquoise sea, without any noise or pollution. Yes, you will find these cittaslow’s in the Aegean Region of Türkiye.

    cittaslow cities Mediterranean


    On the northern slopes of Taurus Mountain Range, within Turkish Lake Region, the Mediterranean Region has two cittaslow’s, with the unforgettable sunsets and hosting by calm locals!

    cittaslow cities Black Sea


    In four different provinces in the greenest areas of Türkiye, the Black Sea Region of Türkiye promises five quiet towns, with various natural beauties and the opportunity of outdoor and adventure sports!

    cittaslow cities Central


    One of the smallest districts of Ankara Province, Güdül is about 90 km from the center of Ankara. Excavations in and around the city have exposed the region’s long history.

    cittaslow cities Eastern


    There is no doubt that the Eastern Region of Türkiye has hidden natural richness and natural assets on the borders of Lake Van or the high mountains nearby waterfalls! You can explore them by visiting two cittaslow’s, in two different provinces.

    cittaslow cities Southeastern


    Halfeti is in the westernmost part of the province of Şanlıurfa and on the east bank of the Euphrates River. With a 3,000-year-old history, Halfeti is one of Türkiye's most extraordinary locations.